PTA Contributions


Welcome back to school!  This is our first opportunity to reach out to you and hopefully gain your interest in being an active parent or guardian at West Towson Elementary School.  Parent participation is a hallmark of the best schools – and our students benefit! The West Towson PTA is responsible for a range of fantastic programs that have become an integral part of our children’s experience – from family socials and book fairs to special cultural assemblies and the yearbook.


The PTA helps provide basic needs for the school, such as the gold folders that serve as the school-to-home communicator.  We also produce a free school directory and support the school community through volunteerism and fund-raising.  The PTA also serves as a platform for parents, teachers, and administrators to connect and share ideas.  If you are interested in taking more of an active role in the school life of your child or children at West Towson, please join us!


Within this sections of this website, the West Towson Elementary School PTA is asking for your information, engagement and support. If you would like to be a part of the WTES PTA, you may sign up using the membership link. If you would like to have a role in supporting one of the great events in our school community, the volunteer section will provide you with opportunities to sign up for various volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  There are also a number of committees run through the WTES PTA, and they would welcome your help! 


Of course, these programs have a cost, but the financial backing of WTES parents has allowed the PTA to use a different model of fund-raising.  Rather than ask you to sell wrapping paper, tote bags and chocolates to support PTA programs, we are asking for an investment of resources, aimed at the same result.  Voluntary contributions have saved families time and aggravation, while allowing you to continue supporting the social, cultural and community-oriented programs that enhance this school.  It has been a tremendous success!  Our continued success depends on the support of all families in this extraordinary school community.


Please provide your support for the WTES PTA today!